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Mastering the Art of Wearing Many Hats


Priscilla Mastrangelo - UI/UX Designer & Developer

As a seasoned Designer and Developer, my career is driven by my passion for design. Embracing the role of wearing many hats, I seamlessly blend design, development, and strategic thinking to create solutions that make an impact. Using my creativity, I turn innovative ideas into solutions that resonate with users and businesses.


In my current role at Haivision, I have the complex challenge of making our website intuitive and responsive. Using the principles of design and the technical skills of HTML and CSS, I help improve the user experience for our company website. Working with the digital marketing team, we thoroughly analyze our audience's needs and create a user flow optimized for lead conversion.


Prior as a freelancer, I collaborated with both B2B and B2C clients, focusing on understanding their goals and bringing their visions to life through innovative design solutions. My approach involved exploring solutions from different angles, generating ideas, and creating prototypes. I maintained close collaboration with clients throughout the design process to ensure alignment with their expectations. My role spanned from concept to development, consistently delivering projects that met client objectives.


Giving back to the community, I presently mentor UX designers at Concordia University, guiding them through their future profession and help mold their career paths. I give them constructive criticism, share real-life insights, and offer personal advice. Here's what one student had to say about their experience:

Maria Rizzuto

"Thanks to Priscilla's mentorship, I have not only improved my technical skills but have also developed a clearer understanding of what it means to be a user-centric designer."


Technology is constantly evolving and my enthusiasm for learning never fades. I earned degrees in Creative Arts and Graphic Design from Dawson College, which gave me a solid base in a variety of artistic areas. Later, in 2019, I expanded my skills with a Digital Marketing diploma from Concordia University and Web Design and User Interface in 2023, showcasing my dedication to never stop learning.